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What Is The Meaning of Life?

May 14, 2009

Oh, yeah, I know. Every writer wants to find the meaning of life.  But I really want to to find the meaning of life.  Really.  I want to know what is the point of all this foolishness.  We get up in the morning, go to work, blah, blah, blah, go home, make dinner, veg a little, then to bed.  Before you know it, we’re up again with the chance to do it all over! And over, and over, and over…

And the worst of it is, we’re tired all the time.

Is this pointless, or what?

Yes, there are weekends.  We count down all week to them. Then they flip by in a minute, and we’re back at the grind waiting for another one.  I just don’t get it.



The Ocean and Me

October 28, 2007

I love the ocean. I can’t explain the feeling precisely, only that I am drawn, and feel at peace, by the sea. My dream is to live within sight of the water, close enough to walk to the beach.

Yet I am not a sailor. I have no wish to be on the sea, only to be near it. The thought of a cruise frightens me. Perhaps it is that I understand the power the ocean wields. Never has there been a battle between human and the ocean that was won by a human. In it’s view, we are insignificant, meaningless. This may explain some of my awe.

Stormy seas are breathtaking; calm seas are the epitome of peacefulness.

When I stand by the ocean’s edge, I am calm. I feel soothed by it’s very presence. I do my best writing, my finest photographs; I draw, I meditate, by the sea.

One could say the ocean is my muse, but that trivializes its importance, I believe. Rather, it feeds my soul, nourishes my very existence. I know others feel this way in the mountains, or the desert, or rowing down a river. Mark Twain claimed the Mississippi as his companion; I claim the ocean as my friend.

My goal in life is to feel that peacefulness all the time. It is likely that the only way of achieving this is to live at the beach, waking each morning to the sound of waves, smelling the salt air, and walking in the sand. For now, I will have to take it in pieces, a day here and there, an hour at a time.

But someday….. Someday.