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A Very Strange Dream

August 17, 2008

Last night, or early this morning, to be more precise, I had a very odd dream. I am currently trying to sell my house, and full of thoughts on what I’d buy if I could, etc., so this dream is not surprising in concept, but the details are way out there.

The dream:

We bought a house, fully furnished, in an unfamiliar area. The house was a huge old New England mansion of sorts… white clapboard on the outside, and countless rooms inside. The house was somewhat rundown, but beautiful in a way.  I can still see the interior in my mind. We entered through the back door, and there was, immediately, a bedroom. That was strange. I figured we could change it to a family room. We passed through numerous rooms, all interconnected in a bizarre way. There must have been 8 or 10 bedrooms of varying sizes, some with king-sized beds, some single, and some bunk beds. A few of my friends were there, and they went about claiming rooms. The whole set up was odd, as you had to go through rooms to get to other rooms. I do not recall a single hallway.

The rooms were all fully decorated. Some of the beds had frilly bedspreads, and others were rather stark. There was a kitchen, somewhat old fashioned.

We decided to explore the neighborhood. Our house was on Keith Street (no clue where that came fromI don’t even know a Keith), and had a big stone wall in the front. We walked to a little downtown area, with tennis courts and a community pool. We entered a clubhouse, and found ourselves in a maze of shops and bars and restaurants, and it was dark. Everyone was Hispanic (I am not). We found a place (arena?) where men were playing what appeared to be lacrosse , but when I asked a player, he said “We are trying to kill each other”. After peeking through the windows, I realized he meant that literally. They were bashing one another with the sticks, and many were bruised and bleeding. I turned away, not wanting to watch.

We wandered on, and realized we were in a very dangerous part of town, and we were being stalked by gangs of men. We tried hiding behind partitions, and sneaking through dark doorways. This seemed to go on for the longest time. Finally, we came to a store (the interior was like Macy’s!) and a woman offered to help us. She showed us a way out, and asked a young Hispanic couple to help us.

We managed to get back to the house, but some of the Hispanic men were there.  One seemed to be the leader, and he had a young son with him. I figured I should make friends with him, so I offered him a back bedroom with a full kitchen attached. I told him it would be a nice place for his son, and they would have their own space. He seemed pleased.

A problem arose when I could not find a bathroom. I searched and searched, all the while, getting more and more upset. Finally, the woman from the store told me there was one, and she took me there. She warned me to be quiet, because I was not supposed to be there. I went in and sat on a really odd shaped toilet, and peed. When I was done, I still felt like I had to pee, so I sat there.  Someone else came in and made me leave.

I woke up and had to pee so bad I thought I’d die!


(Yeah, I know what that final bit is about, but what about the rest of it????)