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August 18, 2009

Did you ever wonder what attracts people to one another?  What makes them stay together?  See the old couple sitting in Dunkin’ Donuts, not really speaking to one another, sipping on coffee and eating donuts? How did they look when they were young? Was he tall, dark and handsome? Was she blond and pretty?  Now he’s stooped and gray, wearing a tattered flannel shirt, and she’s bent over – osteoporosis? – and her face is wrinkled and fragile looking. She looks tiny and frail.

Were they ever young? Were they ever excited about the future? Did she giggle when he tried to kiss her, or was she as eager as he?  Did they dance, and later make love, to the music of Frank Sinatra or Benny Goodman?  Or were they rebels who hitchhiked across the country, begging food along the way? 

Did they profess undying love?  Do they still, but more quietly, feel that passion?

Did she have dimples that enchanted him when she smiled?  Was his voice deep and resonant, or gravelly and soft?

When their coffee was finished, he stood up haltingly, and he took her arm to help her from the chair. They walked slowly out the door, which he held for her.  As they headed toward their car, he took her hand.  She looked up at him and smiled. 

Yep. She has dimples.


How Did I Get Here?

February 13, 2008

Yesterday I was 35.  Had 3 kids, a husband,  a home, and a dog.

Today I’m 56. Kids are grown, different husband, no pets, another home.

How did that happen?

Me, at 56.

I’m confused.

Am I Crazy, or Just Old?

December 17, 2007

Why is it that I can’t seem to complete a thought anymore? Is it the early onset of Alzheimer’s, or some other debilitating form of dementia? Or am I simply reacting to the stress of everyday life by tuning it out? (Not a bad idea, all in all…)

Nah. It’s just part of the normal aging process. We forget things mid-sentence, and often have to stop and ask a friend “What were we talking about?” before responding.

My husband often teases me that I have way too much “stuff” in my brain. I am the queen of trivial knowledge, and can pull up facts that 99.99% of people would have forgotten years ago. Perhaps it is that the filters in my mind are not working properly, or that they are missing completely. Thus, I know who Skeeter Davis is, I know all the words to 1300 songs from the 60’s and I can tell you my 7th grade best friend’s birthday and telephone number. I can recite the words to favorite movies before the actors do, and I can tell you what Archie Bunker said to Edith when she hit a car with a can of cling peaches, or what he told her to do about menopause.
So why can’t I remember the word for a sandwich that is flattened on the grill…. you know… um, not a grilled sandwich, um….. what the heck is it called????

Panini! (Phew! I was getting worried there. It’s hard to google something when you can’t remember what it’s called.)

And I have forgotten more passwords and user names than I remember, and need to put them in a little book that I carry everywhere. Without a list, I wander around the supermarket in a daze. Today, I stood in front of a copier I have been using for 10 years, and could not for the life of me remember the user code.

Am I destined to be one of those little old ladies who walks around muttering to herself about people who died long ago? Aw, shucks, I hope not.

I play games and do puzzles to keep my mind sharp, as recommended by all the experts. I meditate to relieve the pressures of everyday life. I eat properly, pay my bills on time, and obey (most) traffic laws. I do all the right things, so what is the problem? Why is my mind betraying me?

Do you know…..

Wait a minute… what was I just talking about?