About Me

I’m a kind of old broad, 56 and counting, but consider myself only halfway there.  Life is hard, no doubt about it, but I just keep on plugging, and always hope for the best.

I live in New England, and though I often consider moving somewhere warm, I think I will always be a New Englander. I love the seasons, I love the ocean, I love our food, and I even love the winter.  Sometimes.  Not when I’m driving in a snowstorm, but most of the time.

I am a democrat. I am liberal. I believe in personal responsibility and think political correctness is a crock of crap.  I think people should be accountable for their actions.  I despair that our society is in decline, and that we are destroying the gift that is the earth. It saddens me, but I don’t see much chance to save it at this point.  So, I do what I can in my own little corner, and try to live my life in a respectful, respectable way.

How about you?


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Clare Stella Says:

    You sound like a wonderful woman who knows herself very well. All we have really is our own little piece of the earth.

  2. nanis Says:

    Well, thank you, ma’am.

  3. bibomedia.com Says:


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