Are Farts Funny?

Why do we, even as mature adults – some of us quite old, actually – still laugh at farts? This morning I read a post on Facebook by Heather Baird Lashier ( about this very subject. She substitute teaches, and the case arose where a student, in a quiet classroom, let one rip. Immediately, I started to laugh. So did she. Why do we do this?

I think it has to do with the inappropriateness of it. Simply because we are not supposed to do that, it becomes hilariously funny.

I remember as a college student, have fits of laughter with my friend and roommate, in the library, over, well, over nothing. Simply because it was not allowed. “Shhh!” is the expected response, yet that would make us laugh even louder.

But farts? Everyone does them, let’s be honest, yet everyone would like to deny it. So we look around, laugh, and say “Who did that?” Kids of two years old have already figured out that an unexpected bit of gas gets people laughing. By eight or so, they may even know how to fart on purpose. Teenagers? Oh, the horror of farting as you squat in gym class! Or standing before the class to give a report, and *shit* ! – you squeaked out a little one.

So we erupt into gales of laughter. The funniest thing ever. Till the next time.

Ah, the mysteries of life!


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