What Is The Meaning of Life?

Oh, yeah, I know. Every writer wants to find the meaning of life.  But I really want to to find the meaning of life.  Really.  I want to know what is the point of all this foolishness.  We get up in the morning, go to work, blah, blah, blah, go home, make dinner, veg a little, then to bed.  Before you know it, we’re up again with the chance to do it all over! And over, and over, and over…

And the worst of it is, we’re tired all the time.

Is this pointless, or what?

Yes, there are weekends.  We count down all week to them. Then they flip by in a minute, and we’re back at the grind waiting for another one.  I just don’t get it.



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13 Responses to “What Is The Meaning of Life?”

  1. Clare Stella Says:

    It sounds like depression to me. I’m totally familiar with that concept. I would find a good therapist, up my medication, and see what happens. There may not be meaning to life but there can be happiness.

  2. Corina Says:

    Reminds me of Peggy Lee’s “Is That All There Is”…if that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancin’…let’s break out the booze and have a ball if that’s all there is…

    Quite fatalistic. I agree that you are probably going through some kind of depression. I think that there’s something out there that you’re not seeing. You don’t see a purpose for going on. There is purpose. You have to find it. It may be your family or grandkids when they come or it may be volunteer work. You need to find it. Make that your purpose: finding purpose. Hang on. There’s something out there.

  3. Shawn W Says:

    I believe that we were created to live in loving fellowship with God, and our purpose in life is to show others how to have the same. That said, it does sound like depression, and you don’t have to live with it. Please speak with your doctor, and do it soon.

  4. Nancy Spivey Says:

    Ah, Shawn, I do envy your faith.

    And thank you, all. I’m thinking…

  5. Shawn W Says:


  6. jonjonjon Says:

    Shawn has it! Do I know Shawn? Mom, have you tried looking to God? Seriously. The question you pose is the one that we all must answer and the one that can only be found in God. Might sound crazy but it’s true. Get a bible Ma! Get a good translation like NIV or my favorite NLT! Start with the Gospels, start with JOHN and then read Matthew, Mark and Luke. Then Acts! You know me, and maybe you think I’ve gone of the deep end but it’s in the pages of the bible and Jesus where you’ll find what you’re looking for. Hey, you’ve tried everything else right?

  7. jonjonjon Says:

    Oh, you could start with Esther too!!! Rheanna is doing something with it right now and loving it! Maybe you guys could talk about it when you come out next month!! Esther is a really smart, strong women who helps her King husband make some very important descisions without him knowing it!! I think you would enjoy it!!

  8. Nancy Spivey Says:

    Thanks, Jon. You are right, we will talk about it.
    No, you don’t know Shawn. She is a wonderful online friend who I have never met, but feel quite close to. (Funny, this virtual world, huh?)

  9. jonjonjon Says:

    I posted to her page!! I think I like Shawn!

  10. Shawn W Says:

    There you are, Jon! I’ve been wondering who you’re mother is. Nancy, I like you son!

  11. Shawn W Says:

    *sigh* your son

  12. nanis Says:

    Thanks, Shawn. Yes, he is an amazing young man. I am so proud of him!

  13. John Says:

    I think it’s more how you look at things yes we wake up go to work/school, survive and go to sleep and on the next day the same thing happens. I think we have to find our destiny to peruse it, not something short term but rather something that we could improve on. It could be anything we love to do a hobby, help others, inspire change, peruse the career you are dreaming of. Every person has a different pov of what is the meaning of life, however to find it we should search within ourselves 🙂

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