New Year’s Resolutions? No, Thanks.

Every year millions of people promise to lose weight, eat right, start exercising, quit smoking, etc..  Yet how soon do those lofty intentions go down the tubes?  My guess:  maximum of two weeks later.  And that’s only for the most persistent.

This year, I decided to quit drinking wine.  Well, on New Year’s Day, I had to have at least one glass (well, three, actually.)    I mean, come on! It’s New Year’s!  So, Friday, January 2nd…  Well, it was Friday.  Saturday?  You’re kidding, right?

You may be seeing a pattern here.  I guess when it comes right down to it, I don’t really want to give up wine.  I was trying to do the right thing, to be noble.  I feel like I should be drinking less, losing weight, exercising more.

Ah, the hell with it.  I’m going home and have a nice glass of wine.


6 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions? No, Thanks.”

  1. Shawn W Says:

    LOL We gave up resolutions long ago. Why start a new year feeling ashamed of myself?

    Twice today on TV I heard someone say, “New year revolutions”.
    *trying not to beat my head on the keyboard*

  2. nanis Says:

    Thanks, Shawn. As to grammar, pronunciation and spelling? Lost arts, I’m afraid.

  3. Corina Says:

    When I gave up eating meat, I said I would allow myself to have it at one meal per week. This was for two reasons. First, so that I would not feel that I was deprived, especially when eating out. Second, because I know that if you give it up entirely, your body loses the enzyme that digests meat so later on, should you want to eat meat, it’s very difficult and uncomfortable.

    All this said, I have been able to keep to my lack of eating meat for two years. Same thing with eggs. I haven’t had them regularly in two years. In fact, with eggs, I think I’ve had about a total of one dozen eggs in the past two years. I don’t feel deprived but once in a while, there are no other options so I have to eat the eggs.

    I guess what I mean to say is that perhaps instead of giving up your wine entirely (I couldn’t either, even if I tried) why not just cut back? Allow yourself a certain number of glasses of wine per week. Then you get to decide when and how much. Maybe add up the number of glasses you drink per week now and cut it down? Might that help? Healthwise, it will be better and financially, just think what that will do to your spending on wine?!

    Okay, time for my wine! 😉

  4. nanis Says:

    Well, I suppose that might work… I’ll let you know. But not today. I had a really hard day. (-;

    (Oh, and congrats on your success with the meat and eggs. I probably should do that, too. I have high BP and high cholesterol.)

  5. Jackie Says:

    Why would you want to give up drinking wine?

  6. nanis Says:

    GOOD QUESTION!!!!! Silly me.

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