Madonna’s Millions v. My Lack Thereof

Okay, here’s the thing.  Madonna and Guy Ritchie have reached a settlement in their divorce. He is getting 75 million dollars, and she gets her freedom.  Now, I understand that it is not cheap maintaining a luxurious lifestyle in this day and age, but I have a question: Can I have just a little teeny tiny piece of it?  Seriously, a simple 1 million would solve a lot of problems, and possibly nullify the disheartening effects of the damage to my 401k.

One million dollars is only 1.33% of that settlement. I can’t believe he’d miss such a tiny morsel, and yet, for me, it would be huge.  I could pay off my mortgage and my car, and my kids’ student loans, and have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life. I’d also take a lovely trip to Disney World.

I promise, it would not change me. I would still donate to the food banks, and the homeless shelters, and support my little girl in India.  I would still clean my own bathrooms, and do my own grocery shopping and cooking.  Yet the burden that has been weighing on me for the past 14 months would be lifted.

So, Guy, whattaya think?  1.33%.  No biggie, hmm?


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7 Responses to “Madonna’s Millions v. My Lack Thereof”

  1. Paul Guivens Says:

    Hey give him an ask, and see what happens! Worst he can say is no….I myself have though about writing Bill Gates and asking for a “teeny-weeny” bit of his monthly income, but he would probably just say no….

  2. nanis Says:

    The thing is, Paul, it’s not like they’d even miss it!

  3. madame donna Says:

    I sure wish I had married and divorced her.

  4. Mary Ellen Says:

    I’m with you sweetieheart, but I know you’ll be ok even without Guy…….it’s just the ups and downs of life.

  5. Shawn W Says:

    Doug and I sometimes watch those shows where people build up large amounts of money only to push too hard and lose it all. We both have said anything over $200,000 and we’d quit. That would be a life changing amount for us. It would pay off everything we owe, make it so we could help others, and allow us to save some of what we work so hard for.

  6. nanis Says:

    John and I do the same thing, Shawn. We fantasize about winning the lottery, and how many people we could help. I don’t needs multi-millions, but it would be nice to not ever have to worry…

  7. kmcdade Says:

    It’s so disheartening to think of. Sigh.

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