Well, It’s Over, and It’s Just Begun…

The election is now behind us, and we can move on to what I’ve been missing for a long, long time: HOPE.

Yes, there is hope. Hope that our country can get back on track.

That we can restore the constitutional rights that have been decimated by the current administration.

That we can begin, carefully, to regain the respect of the rest of the world.

That we can, in spite of the terrible shape the economy is in, restore some semblance of fairness in the economy – where big business will not reap the rewards of tax cuts at the expense of “the little guy”; where huge corporations will be forced to pay their share, and the “bottom line” will not be all that matters.

That we can begin to undo some of the damage done to the environment, without pretending that global warming is a myth.

That we can stop depleting forests and rivers and the ocean and the glaciers all in the name of progress, with the actual goal being the pursuit of $$$.

That we can once again be assured that ignorance is not preferable to science.  Stem cell research can save lives, and sound ecological research may help to save the earth.  Evolution is real, and hiding our heads in the sand is not a good choice.  Birth control is necessary, especially in developing countries. We cannot “un-know”.

Hope.  Something I have not felt for a very long time.

Cautiously, yes, but I do have hope.


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19 Responses to “Well, It’s Over, and It’s Just Begun…”

  1. Jackie Says:

    When my favorite cynic starts expressing thoughts that include the word “hope,” well… it must be true.

  2. nanis Says:

    HAH! We shall see, hmm?

  3. Shawn W Says:


  4. nanis Says:

    Hideho, Shawn. I’ve not been around much of late, but it’s good to see you. And Jackie, too, of course.
    I’ll have to look around and catch up.

  5. Corina Says:

    I think a lot of us are afraid to hope. It’s been so long that we have almost forgotten what it’s like to feel that.

    I hope you’re right. It’s time for hope and getting back what was taken from us and from our country over the past eight years.

    Good to *see* you!

  6. nanis Says:

    Ditto, Corina.

  7. Paul Guivens Says:

    The biggest fear is that “things” are so broke, they can’t be fixed, at least in the usual sense of the word. Many people have expressed a desire for ‘revolution” of one sort or another, and this may well be that revolution. The banks break down, retail industries are staggered by debt and lack of money to make payroll, the giant industries like GM and Ford go under, and the American consumer has no money to buy anything! All that is left are a few mega-rich who rule the world!
    Sounds like a “B” grade science fiction movie, doesn’t it?
    Hope, yes, I have hope, and I am also afraid of our future!

  8. nanis Says:

    I agree, Paul, but there is that little flicker, a teeny, tiny bit of something we have not felt in years, and I am trying to hang on to it.

  9. Jackie Says:

    I just like to look at my Newsweek cover every so often. Reminds me that, holy crap, YES WE DID.

  10. Katrina Says:

    But now President-elect Obama’s question for you: What are you going to do?

  11. John Says:

    I expect Obama won’t be able to fulfill many if any of his promises in his first year maybe even two. Neither would have McCain either. The economic mess that Bush and let’s not forget Congress left us in is a major major issue that needs to be addressed first.
    I have often voiced my thoughts that I wish we as a country would become isolationist. I wish we would care for our own first and foremost. Instead of our soldiers fighting a thankless war, have them serve in our country. Watch over our borders and stop illegal aliens from entering our borders. Have them serve their time with our AmeriCorps Vista program, caring for poverty in our own back yard. With the economy in the state it is in we need that more than ever.

    With that being said however I’d like to thank every Veteran who has servered and is serving our country . God Bless you all for your sacrifices

    Regarding Birth Control in developing countries we should care what is happening in the USA.

    It is estimated that there are 3.6 million unplanned pregnancies every year in the United States. Half of these unplanned pregnancies happen because a couple does not use any birth control at all, and the other half occur because the couple uses birth control, but not correctly.

    This is a sad fact on us . I favor Birth Control with regards to contraceptives, pills ,vasectomies, but I must voice my right to say that I am against abortion. In my heart I feel that we are terminating a life.

  12. nanis Says:

    Excellent question! I plan to go to work as I have always done, pay my bills as I have always done, and live my life with honesty and integrity (as I have always tried to do).

    I feel good that, even though I am in a bit of a financial pickle right now, I donated money to Obama, and supported in other ways (letter-writing, emails, etc.), in addition to, of course, voting, so I have some small part in the success of this election.

    Oh, and I wore my Obama t-shirt!

  13. nanis Says:

    (My previous response was to Katrina…. John jumped in before I posted it.)

    John, I agree with you on most of that, but I don’t think it has to be all or nothing. I agree that we should take care of our own first. We have spent billions rebuilding Iraq, yet New Orleans is not even close to being rebuilt. GWB never had any concern about that at all, and we all know why, but that era is (hopefully) over.

    As to the birth control, my comment was in reaction to the recent news that US funding to other nations would not allow even the discussion of birth control as an option, and that is just nuts. Why in the world would we not want to help a nation where more and more children are orphaned by AIDS to access and understand birth control?? Makes no sense to me.
    And if McCain/Palin had gotten in, the same would be true in the US. And lord knows how well denying people access to birth control goes!

    Ditto re: the veterans.

  14. John Says:

    I agree it makes no sense either not to even allow discussion of some forms of birth control ,

  15. John Says:

    In response to Katrina’s question. I am going to curb my spending habits and make the effort to reduce our credit card debt and become more fiscally responsibile. I intend to conserve energy and become more active in volunteer work this winter. Donate clothes, and food to those who need it. and of course to continue to send out tons of emails

  16. Paul Guivens Says:

    Veterans Day, like so many other “holidays” has morphed from what was intended (celebration of the “end of the Great War”) into a psuedo celebration of those that fight, and die, in the war we are in at the moment. It has become a source of irritation to me that for those in government employ, it’s a day off, with pay, while a couple hundred thousand veterans working in the private sector know it’s just another work day. Hardly inspiring.
    I am also somewhat embarrassed to admit that the current “mood of the moment” for veterans engaged in the immoral war in the Middle East is unsettling to me. When I am in an airport and some uniformed soldiers pass by, and there is this spontaneous applause from the crowd, I am thinking “Yeah, right…1969, San Francisco airport, being spit on and called “baby killer”…” It’s sour grapes perhaps, but that’s what I feel.
    I wish we had enjoyed the support today’s soldiers do, instead of the abuse we did. Perhaps that support is different because the Viet Cong were not trying to blow us up at home? Just trying to blow us up over there….Both wars are wrong, for different reasons, but still wrong. Ah, well, I’m getting older, and it no longer matters. At least I finally said it.

  17. nanis Says:

    Paul, I am deeply saddened by the treatment veterans from that era received. I think it is partially why so few of them joined the VFW and other veterans organizations, leaving those groups almost obsolete.

    It’s like all those “support our troops” magnets people have on their cars. They annoy the shit out of me, for two reasons: 1.) because in buying them, you are giving money to some company in China that manufactures them, money which would be better donated to a worthy cause, and 2.) because I do support the troops, I just don’t support the war. Same with Viet Nam, but that thought got lost. When people were spitting on soldiers back then, they were spitting on 18 and 19 year old kids who were doing what they were told to do in the attempt to serve their country. That is a pretty big distinction. Now, if they spit on the policy makers… okay, that I could support. (….kidding. Spitting is never a good thing.)

    Anyway. I wish we could go back to the days when stores and businesses were closed on Sundays and holidays. Then maybe everyone would remember the meaning of these days.

    And to John, me too. Donating food and stuff.

  18. Paul Says:

    GW always used “support the troops” as a hammer to beat folks over the head with, and accuse them of being unpatriotic or persons willing to “surrender”! Like wanting the war to be over, and making sure troops had proper equipment were the same thing, which they arn’t.

  19. clare stella Says:

    what do you think of the auto buyouts, nanis?

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