Writing about reading… hmmmm…..

My son has started a WordPress blog, and he wrote today about reading. He did not love reading as a child, but he has come to love it as an adult. That pleases me immensely. My two other children are readers also. It makes me know I did that right, anyway.

When they were little, I read to them. Every week the supermarket had a Sesame Street book on sale, and we collected the whole series. We had all the Little Monster books, and Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, and Disney.

But there is one book that was special, and I recently bought a new copy, because it means so much to me. This is “The Monster at the End of the Book”, featuring Grover from Sesame Street. I must have read that book a hundred times or more, and I would do the voice of Grover, making the kids laugh every time. I can still recite many of the lines from memory, and I bet they can, too.

Now that is a memory worth preserving. Maybe the next time we are all together I will read that book aloud. I bet we will all still laugh, though I may find also that I cry, just a little bit.



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13 Responses to “Reading”

  1. Shawn W Says:

    What a wonderful memory!

  2. Corina Says:

    My kids and I had special books like that and songs, too. We still laugh and remember. I’m sure you will all do that too.

    One thing you might want to do is record yourself reading the book, complete with the Grover voice, then give a copy of it to each of the kids, along with a copy of the book. One day, they will look back on it with much fondness. Perhaps they will play the recording to their own children!

  3. nanis Says:

    Oh my god! Corina, that is a great idea! I would love to think they’d play it for their kids!

    Thanks, Shawn. I agree.

  4. Stevo Says:

    What a great memory. I found an old book of fairy tales while going through some boxes a few years back. I remember my mother reading from that book to me every night for years. I put it away and hope to one day use it myself.

  5. nanis Says:

    I’m sure your day will come, Stevo, and you will use that book.
    Thanks for checking in.

  6. sue2 Says:

    Night before last I was in Target, and I saw the book “Pat the Bunny” on the shelf. It was one of the first books my son had. You could touch the fluffy texture through the cover of the book. I was rushed with memories when I saw it…he’s 25, where did the time go?

  7. nanis Says:

    Well, Sue, my oldest just turned 32! Scary, since I’m only 39….

    I do remember Pat The Bunny! I think every kid loved that.

  8. The Daughter Says:

    Oh mummy! I totally want a recording of you doing Grover. I’d listen to it every night. And then I’d like a recording of Marx. And then we can be revolutionary!!!

  9. nanis Says:

    mmm…. revolutionary……

  10. jonjonjon Says:

    I love that book!!! What a fantastic memory!!! Thanks Mom!!! That just made my entire day!!!!!

  11. thelittlefluffycat Says:

    I loved this one–and I remember this book, very well! Our equivalent was “Owl Babies”. Make the recording digitally–that way it stays better. šŸ˜‰

  12. tysdaddy Says:

    An absolute favorite. I could probably quote the whole thing since, with four kids, I bet I’ve read it 1000 times.

    Much joy . . .

  13. herechilln Says:

    My son was not a reader either. He was a good listener though. This is one of my son’s favorites. Still is, and he’ll be 20 in September. He says he also still has “My Mom Hates Me In January” and (of course!) “Where The Wild Things Are” on his list of childhood favorites, as well.

    My daughter on the the other hand, read everything she could get her hands on. I think this is why she can’t lay claim to a favorite. She says she just loves ’em all.

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