What A Winter!



8 Responses to “What A Winter!”

  1. nanis Says:

    (This actually was not this year; it was taken 2 years ago, but it is right here in Plymouth.)

  2. kmcdade Says:

    Holy smokes, I was going to ask whether that was right now. 🙂

  3. nanis Says:

    Well, kmc, I am grateful that it is not right now. It sure as heck ain’t spring here (it was 28 degrees when I came into work), but no ice. Tomorrow, who knows?

  4. Shawn W Says:

    Dang! Everything is turning green here. We’ve already had to mow!

  5. sue2 Says:

    Oh my, I won’t complain about our weather anymore!

  6. Corina Says:


  7. pandemonic Says:

    Holy cow! I thought it was bad here!

  8. trees143 Says:

    I think I remember that winter- or one just like it. Sigh. Oddly enough I miss the harshness of a New England winter with all the beauty that comes with that intensity.

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