More Lighthouses

In my ever expanding quest to see and photograph as many lighthouses as possible, I found 3 new ones yesterday.

The first one is The Clark’s Point Lighthouse in New Bedford. It sits atop a Civil War site called Fort Taber, part of a beautiful park and walkway right on New Bedford Harbor.

This is the first lighthouse I’ve seen that sits ontop of another structure.

From the walkway at Fort Taber, I spied this little one out in the harbor. It’s called Butler Flats Light.


In Mattapoisett, north of New Bedford along Route 6, we found Ned’s Point Light. This one is set firmly on land, surrounded by another really pretty park. I must go back when the weather is warmer and have a picnic!



3 Responses to “More Lighthouses”

  1. Corina Says:

    Very nice. I’ve always loved lighthouses, too. I used to dream of living in one in my old age. I guess that’s now but I don’t live in one!

  2. nanis Says:

    W, come on, Corina, this is not old age…. This is the middle!

  3. nanis Says:

    Aw, not W

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