Plymouth, Massachusetts

There are pros and cons of living anywhere. Cost of living, weather, jobs, the economy – these things are very much on my mind now, as my husband and I are seriously thinking of leaving New England for someplace warmer, and cheaper.

Massachusetts has never been cheap, but our expenses keep climbing, while our income does not. Yet the idea of leaving behind the beauty of this area is hard for me, though I know other places are lovely as well.


I am an ocean girl. I love living near, and spending time, at the ocean. I can sit for hours just breathing in the salty air, feeling mellow and complete. Even when it’s cold, the beauty is there.


I think I shall have to find another place near the ocean. It is where I belong.



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12 Responses to “Plymouth, Massachusetts”

  1. pandemonic Says:

    Oh, it’s so beautiful.

    I understand your reluctance on leaving. The good thing is that there are other places by the ocean.

  2. nanis Says:

    You are right. I’d love to go to California, but the budget won’t allow that, so we’re looking at Virginia and the Carolinas…

  3. Corina Says:

    At least you know what you like and where you would want to go! I hope it works for you to be some place that is wonderful for you!

  4. Shawn W Says:

    Both are beautiful, and the people are nice too.

    (We have the Gulf coast here too. hint hint)

  5. nanis Says:

    Shawn, I reluctantly admit that I know absolutely nothing about the Gulf coast. Aside from New Orleans, I have little knowledge of the cities, though I know people who live there are very loyal, so it must be a great place.

    There is so much of this country I have yet to explore.

  6. Shawn W Says:

    One of the things I like best about Texas is the diverse economy. Where else would you find a shipyard, a gas well, a computer company, and a cattle ranch within miles of each other? Because of the diversity we seem to ride out the hard times a little easier than many other areas. It’s tough, sure, but not as scary.

    Enough plugging my State, I hope whatever you choose it turns out to be the perfect place.

  7. Stevo Says:

    Lovely. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  8. nanis Says:

    (me, too.)

  9. sue2 Says:

    I’m an ocean girl too, and I haven’t gotten to live near one yet. I still hope to do that, or at least be within driving distance. My parents live on the Florida gulf, and it is so beautiful…ah, maybe someday. You have many wonderful choices.

  10. madamedonna Says:

    I love living near the ocean. I’ve done my time inland and found I need the water, crashing waves, salty air and speckled sand. I know you will find a place that offers you what you need even if that shore is on a lake somewhere.

  11. clare stella Says:

    I cannot imagine leaving this part of the country even though the cost of living is just terribly high. The ocean, the colors in autumn, the first snowfall…all part of what I have known forever. I just hope that the economic reality of living in one of the most expensive areas of the country does not force me (or you ) to have to leave. A choice is fine but not being forced to go.

  12. nanis Says:

    Excellent point. If I leave, I would like it to be because I’ve found a better place, not that I can’t afford to live here.

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