How Did I Get Here?

Yesterday I was 35.  Had 3 kids, a husband,  a home, and a dog.

Today I’m 56. Kids are grown, different husband, no pets, another home.

How did that happen?

Me, at 56.

I’m confused.


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15 Responses to “How Did I Get Here?”

  1. kspin Says:

    Short and sweet, yet my mind is doing a recap of my own years…

    Great post.

  2. kmcdade Says:

    I’m 37. Please don’t tell me this! 🙂

  3. Shawn W Says:

    It happens in a blink.

  4. Corina Says:

    Yes, a blink, a clearing of the throat and we are in our 50’s.

  5. nanis Says:

    Yeah, but how???? How does it get away from us so quickly????

  6. pandemonic Says:

    I agree. Those years whizzed by. They’re whizzing by even faster now that we know.

  7. madamedonna Says:

    Ummm, I dunno. I’m still about 19 or so.

  8. jojovtx1800 Says:

    I refuse to grow old! I’m just not gonna do it!

  9. Amoeboid Blurry Smile Says:

    A time machine. A weird time machine. Maybe. I can’t explain it. I don’t know how I got here either.

  10. clare stella Says:

    Good God, I feel the same way. I thought we were newly married with babies about five years ago. Now I am 61! I’ve outlived my mother. I’m ancient.

  11. heathenly Says:

    Don’t ask me. Five minutes ago I was 16, and now I’m 34. My kid graduates college in two years. I have wrinkles and a layer of protective blubber.

    Not cool, Life!

  12. heathenly Says:

    I mean graduates high school. I must have been predicting the future.

  13. nanis Says:

    Yeah, don’t rush it, ma’am.

  14. Mike Says:

    At 51, I am wondering about this as well. It is scary to think that the distance forward to 71 is now the same as the distance back to 31, which was, essentially, “yesterday.”

    It really is all about how we live our lives, and not allowing moments to pass without being fully engaged. For once they are gone, they are truly gone forever.

  15. nanis Says:

    Of course you are right. We must live each day, enjoying what we can, appreciating what we have. A message I needed today. Thank you.

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