Vote, Please! You Must!

I have heard a number of people lately say they won’t vote, because in the current electoral college system, individual votes don’t matter.  They say they don’t trust Hillary Clinton, or that Barack Obama is too inexperienced.  They do not want to vote republican and continue the path we are on.

I don’t believe any politician is completely honest; they cannot be and make it in that game.  There is always a trade-off in politics, and to think otherwise is naive.  But the current administration has done so much damage, and exacerbated the decline of this country to such a great degree that we will never fully recover.  GWB and the VP will go down in history as the criminals they are.  So what if Bill Clinton got a blow job?!?!  Big f***ing deal.  I’d take him back any day, and go back to a healthy economy, strides in improving the environment, work towards better health care and stronger public education. We had allies around the world who saw us as a friendly nation.  Not to mention the fact, which voters are apparently for some bizarre reason forgetting, that this war has seen 3,491 Americans die in Iraq (as of 6:21 a.m. today) and upwards of 100,000 have been wounded, many critically. 3,802 have died since this fool stood on the deck of that ship and said “Mission accomplished”.   In addition, over a million Iraqis have died since the war began.

(For the source of these numbers, see this site.)

I read online this morning that Americans want a president who can bring down the price of gas.  Huh? That’s an inconvenience, and nothing more, for most of us, compared to the loss of a son or daughter in a war that cannot be won.  I will gladly pay more for gas if I have a government I can stand behind, and respect.

 Your vote does count.  The electoral college sucks, no doubt, and it is sadly outmoded. But it is what it is, until we work to change it, and you MUST vote.

Clearly, I will vote democrat, and I hope you will all do the same. We need a total change.  We need a president who will mend fences with our former allies, and will focus on repairing the damage to the U.S. Constitution.  We need someone who will stop giving favors to big business at the expense of the average American citizen.

Is Hillary perfect? No. Is Obama? No.  But neither of them has the lack of morality that I see in GWB.  Neither of them plans to void the Constitution that this country is founded on.  I’d take any democrat over another republican administration.  We need change, and we need it soon.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.


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6 Responses to “Vote, Please! You Must!”

  1. JimPanzee Says:

    I just don’t understand the “I’m not going to vote” mentality. You can’t boycott government…it’s not like it’s Wal-Mart or a pet store or something. The government is going to be there regardless of whether or not all of us or none of us vote. The difference is the more of us vote, the more they know that more of us are paying attention, that we care, that we are invested in choosing our future. If we relinquish our choice we lose our ability to demand any sort of accountability. Even if our affect is small (which I don’t believe it is) small is still better than non-existent. If nobody votes the government can do whatever it wants. It’s close enough to doing that already.

    The electoral college is flawed but it doesn’t mean that individual votes don’t count… The individual voters choose the delegates that vote for the president. Only three times in the 200+ year history of the country has the “popular” vote failed to be accurately conveyed to the choice for presidency but not because the delegates were unfaithful in their task.

    How come nobody protesting the electoral college is complaining about the way we make laws. We have a bicameral legislature that takes the population into account and we have a Senate that takes the equal voice among states into account. That is what the electoral college is supposed to do as well. If 51% of the population lived in California and they always voted Democrat and if the other 49% of the people lived in the other 49 states and always voted Republican, would it be fair that the popular vote alone elected the president. Sure, as Democrats we might think so but what about the 149,999,999 people that lives in 95% of the nation? They sure wouldn’t think it was fair.

    The outmoded electoral system is there to protect the minority of people that still live in rural, sparsely populated parts of the country, to help level the playing field so that their votes count too. It isn’t a perfect system, but its fairer than most people give it credit for.

  2. Vicky In The Middle Says:

    I’d like to see us Dems get busy getting people registered to vote throughout the spring and summer. I’m hoping that the chance to vote for a woman or an African American will cause people to get out and vote who otherwise wouldn’t. Now that Edwards has dropped out, I have to rethink who I’ll vote for in the primary. I like them both and see drawbacks in both. One powerful thing Obama has going for him is the idea of freshness and change. Neither of them could screw up the country as much as it’s been screwed up by Bush.

  3. JimPanzee Says:

    I agree on all points here:
    Dems need to concentrate on Get Out the Vote. A good GOTV campaign this spring and summer will help this November and in future Novembers too.
    Rethink our primary votes in light of Edwards’ jumping ship. Good luck to him.
    Obama, I think is my choice. I like his image. Independent analysis has him being more progressive in general and specifically more “green” than Clinton.
    And neither Obama or Clinton can screw up the country as bad as Bush did. Really out of all five candidates still in the race (I’m not counting Ron Paul) only Romney is likely to screw it up as bad as Bush did (although Huckabee and McCain come in a close second).

  4. nanis Says:

    I am appalled that Huckabee made it as far as he did – the man thinks that evolution is a fraud and that the holocaust did not happen! Hello? Welcome to the 19th century, pal!

    As to Romney, as a citizen of Massachusetts, I can tell you that this guy is a comedy. We briefly had him as a citizen (?) and our governor, and now we have healthcare for all – and if you don’t have it, they fine you! Employers who do not provide health insurance for their employees must pay a fine. A fine much smaller than the cost they would have to pay for the insurance. Many employers consider the fine part of the cost of doing business. What else did he do? Gee, I’m not sure.

    Thanks for some intelligent responses. I wish I could convince everyone to see the light.

  5. pandemonic Says:

    You’re so right on many counts. Voting is something we all must do. I don’t understand how some will not use the power when it’s given to us. Sure, it’s only one vote, but they all add up just the same.

  6. Shawn W Says:

    I’m the token Republican here, but I do agree that everyone who gives a rats behind about where this country is headed must get out and vote. No matter which administration wins in November, they should know we are watching and we care what they do.

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