In A Hotel

We are in a hotel. Boston? Newport? I am not sure. I forget.
He is angry. Angrier than I’ve ever seen him.
What did I do?
I’m not sure of that either.
I’m not sure of anything.
Except I must get away.
I must hide.
I do not know this place, this hotel, so I take the stairway. Up two flights. Into the hallway. It’s all quiet. People are sleeping. Or out. Late dinner, maybe.
But not me.
I have to hide.
I know he will be looking for me.
He will be angry. Very, very angry.

I drank too much tonight. I know this.
Why did I do that? Because I can’t stand it. He wants to own me and handle me and hurt me.
Three or four black Russians. I’m not sure about that, either.

It should have made me numb; instead it made me scared.

I know he will find me.
He will be angry. Very, very angry.

There’s a room, I think there’s a piano. Maybe this is a lounge. Not used. Unoccupied. And dark. I can go in here and hide.
Yes! I have to hide.

He will find me.
He will own me and handle me and hurt me.

I have to hide. I squat behind a chair. In the dark.

An hour goes by. It is quiet. Then I hear him. He sounds so gentle, calling my name.
Oh, God! Don’t let him smell my perfume, or my fear. He will find me!
He comes to this room. I sense him there. I hear his breathing. Then he goes. Yes! He goes!

I am safe. For this moment, I am safe.


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8 Responses to “In A Hotel”

  1. thelittlefluffycat Says:

    Very, very evocative! A nightmare–I could feel my heartbeat speed up, and my breathing too. Good job.

  2. nanis Says:

    Thanks, tlfc. I appreciate you reading it.

  3. Shawn W Says:

    Very good job. Thank God it’s fiction!

  4. Mitten J Topolewski, A Non-Reporter Says:

    Oh my. This had me very scared.

  5. 4Dvertigo Says:

    Amazing post. Very realistic.

  6. Ina Says:

    Well done! I was frightened for her and wanted to be able to report him to someone.

  7. Corina Says:

    You did an excellent job of capturing the fear and danger of the moment. This rings very true.

  8. herechilln Says:

    A very telling glimpse into a world that I, thankfully, know very little about. I cowered with her in the corner. I felt her fear. I hurt for her.
    Sadly, your fiction is truth, for far too many…

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